Associate Degree in Business: Admission Requirements

Individuals interested in applying for admissions to NNU Online should complete the general Admission Requirements for the Graduate, Adult and Professional Programs.

Acceptance will be determined on the below GPA Requirements.   Individuals with a college GPA of less than 2.0 may apply for provisional acceptance for one semester.

First Time Freshman Admission GPA Requirement

  • 2.5 High School GPA - Full Admission
  • 2.0 - 2.49 High School GPA - Provisional Admission
  • Less than 2.0 High School GPA - Admission will be considered after a personal interview and unanimous vote by the Admission Committee.

Transfer Admission GPA Requirement

  • 2.0 College GPA - Full Admission
  • 1.75 - 1.99 College GPA - Provisional Admission
  • Less than 1.75 College GPA - Admission will be considered after a personal interview and unanimous vote by the Admission Committee.

Persons who do not meet the requirements for standard admission will be considered for provisional admission.  If admitted, students may be registered in a restricted program if they fall under one of the following categories:

  1. Graduates of senior high schools with less than the required grade point average(s) and students transferring from accredited colleges with less than the required grade point average or students with less than the minimum required ACT or SAT score.
  2. Persons taking the Tests of General Educational Development (GED) in lieu of high school graduation. In order to be eligible, persons must meet the following requirements:
    1. a minimum Standard Score Average of 450 and a minimum Standard Score on the Writing Skills Test of 450,
    2. an ACT composite standard score of 18 or above, or an SAT combined score of 1270 or above.

Provisional admission is normally granted for one semester and will be reviewed at the end of the student's first semester of enrollment. Failure to meet any of the above criteria may result in denial of acceptance to NNU. Students admitted on Provisional Status will be placed in a support plan that is designed to help the student strengthen skills needed for success in college academics. Courses taken to build these success skills include HUMN1050 Orientation to Online Learning, HUMN1010 Cornerstone, ENGL0900 Improvement of Language Usage (unless the ACT English score was 20 or above), and MATH0900  Essential Mathematics (unless the ACT math score was 21 or above). In addition, students will be required to meet weekly with their academic advisor. A C- average for freshmen must be earned in these courses in order to continue on in good academic standing for second semester, and a 2.0 for sophomores and above.  If a student fails to meet these standards, a stronger support system is automatically implemented.