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The Student Managed Fund at Northwest Nazarene University ("the Fund") is a student involved investment fund. The University Foundation has sanctioned this group to manage assets in a responsible manner, backed by research, and tested against risk adjusted benchmarks.The Fund seeks to outperform its benchmarks annually on a risk-adjusted basis.

The Fund recently became affiliated with the Financial Management Association (FMA), an international organization designed to equip financial managers and students of financial management with knowledge and resources for successful decision making. The organization was founded in 1970 and serves as a means to connect students with professionals in the field and to promote professional development.This affiliation not only provides the Fund with a recognizable sponsor, but the organization also offers countless opportunities for networking with top financial managers around the world. FMA holds an annual conference which the Fund could attend in the future. The Fund is excited about his new partnership and seeks to utilize the FMA to enhance both our organization and each individual member.

In addition to FMA, the Fund is actively involved in the local Boise chapter of the Chartered Financial Analysts (CFA), which offers networking opportunities right here in the Treasure Valley. The Fund is invited to attend monthly CFA luncheons where our students meet professionals in the area and engage in a presentation of various financial topics. Through this relationship, some of the Fund's recent graduates have been offered job opportunities with prominent financial corporations in the area.